• Save Time

    The average physician will need to submit, maintain, and track credentialing and recredentialed applications several times a year. A dedicated credentialing service will save you time.

  • Save Money

    Professional Credentialing Services will contact your payors to update your master insurance profile. This will maximize practice opportunities to participate "in network" and ease health care costs by utilizing our efficient credentialing services.

  • Quality Results

    Since 1999, Professional Credentialing Services has provided quality credentialing services to billing companies, to private practices, medical groups', MSO and medical facilities.

How Does it Work?

Professional Credentialing Services will create a unique username and password. This login links you to your credentialing service master applications and will provide a checklist of needed support documents for credentialing. All information is strictly confidential. Access is limited to select organizations as specified by the client.

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Why Hire a Credentialing Service?

The process of completing credentialing applications takes up precious time and resources that could be better utilized to address patient needs or increase revenue. The answer is Professional Credentialing Services. Your credentialing service experts since 1999.

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Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare

In March 2002, the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH), developed an online credentialing service that would incorporate the physician information typically found in an insurance application. With the evolution of the internet and email communication, insurance companies have embraced CAQH.

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We Are CAQH Experts!

Professional Credentialing Services offers a service to obtain your CAQH ID and complete the online application. PCS also offers an annual contract to complete the on-going required re-attestation. While CAQH is a major advancement in the credentialing process, it is important to note that the CAQH application is only half of the process to become an "in network" provider.

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